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Three Films: Lucrecia Martel 

In the space of four features and a collection of short films, Lucrecia Martel has crafted a style of storytelling which is nothing short of spellbinding, blending the everyday and the otherworldly together in a way that is curious, subtle and entirely her own.

The writer and director's beguiling feature debut, La Ciénaga (2001), was quickly heralded as a crown jewel of the New Argentine Cinema movement, turning heads with its off-kilter use of sound design and it's deft observations on class, race and religion. Since then Martel has continued to make films at her own pace, whilst remaining close to her roots, following up with eery coming of age drama The Holy Girl in 2004, and offbeat psychological thriller The Headless Woman in 2008.  


All set in Martel's native province of Salta, Northern Argentina, these three films marked the arrival of one of contemporary cinema's most intriguing talents, and provide a perfect starting point for getting to grips with this filmmaker's short but essential filmography:

To find out where you can stream these three films, see the links below:


La Ciénaga (2001) 

The Holy Girl / La niña santa (2004)

The Headless Woman / La mujer sin cabeza (2008)

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