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La Decima Vittima (1965), Dir. Elio Petri.

An iconic opening sequence from La Decima Vittima, a futuristic fantasy that's classically 60's at the same time. Directed by Elio Petri, starring Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress, the film is based on a short story by Robert Sheckley, where citizens across the world enter a thrilling bloodbath sport where they are nominated to hunt, or be hunted.

The film was also a big influence on Mike Myers, who started a comedic band in the early 90s' by the name of Ming Tea (the fictional company that sponsors Ursula Andress' character in the film). The members of the band chose 60s personas, and it was there that Myers created the Austin Powers character. This a really fun watch with some great shots of Rome in the 1960s, all set to the tune of a classic Piero Piccioni soundtrack.

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